Monday, October 10, 2011

Encounter that changed my life

encounter that changed my life

I am a common person. Like most other people, I entered elementary school, middle school and high school, and graduated. . I was not accepted to Dong-a university because of failing an exam. When my elder sister entered the Pusan National University of Education, my parents wanted me to become a teacher.
They made me study again for the entrance examination of Pusan National University of Education. When I was young, I played with local kids, We often played school, I played a role of teacher.
I heard about Jesus Christ during that time. My parents were zealous Buddhists. I secretly went to church.

I met my Lord Jesus by grace I have been saved through belief.
I am very thankful for GOD who have given me joy that I have not known, I always had had sadness.
Now I thank that I can enjoy Lord’ joy and I live in my Lord’ joy and I can express my joy for the Lord’.

I can find what I want to do. The Bible. This is a book and everyone should read it. I will read the Bible and memorize partially. I want to continue that.
I am very happy that I can pray, read the Bible, have a service.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning glory, New horizon

This is a morning glory. When the sun was rising in the sky, I was walking near my house, I almost arrived at home. I found this morning glory. It was so wonderful and beautiful. It had a fresh morning dew. I started to love this flower at that time. Every flower was very pretty and beautiful but this morning glory was the best. This was leaning toward the morning sun.

This is a place of prayer. It isn’t a large room but it allows you to connect with the world. There is a silent, cool atmosphere. I often went there in the evening.